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She knows how to work it.

Rebekah spied a sign for a yard sale on our way home this morning, and asked Joshua if he'd ride with her so she could check it out. He said yes, and I suggested she run inside to grab her money first. She said she only had $1, but remembered what I'd joked awhile back about her yard sale finds being related to the "cute kid discount." Noah said she might not get the cute kid discount anymore, but she said, "Of course I will. I have a round face and a bit of a speech problem, so I'll always get the cute kid discount." I laughed all the way into the house.


Mom Central review: Rosarita Salsa

[Note: I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Rosarita and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central will send me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.]
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Me and my potty-mouth.

Joshua just overheard Rebekah call Noah "a bleeping person." Yes, she actually said bleeping. I'm so ashamed.



You know your son has the right group of friends when you find yourself discussing which kid in Stand by Me they each resemble, and there's more than one Wil Wheaton.

That's my boy.

I have a ridiculous grin on my face, thanks to this email reply from Noah's teacher:

He is such a wonderful writer. His ROUGH will probably be better than most people's final!

A birthday gift.

I have a new job! I applied in June but they never received my attached editing test; thank goodness they emailed me yesterday to see if I was still interested. Once they could see I was a decent editor with strong references, I was hired. It's one of those could-be-peanuts, could-be-the-real-deal kind of things, but it's editing, and I do love me some editing.


Thank you to everyone for their sympathy and support. I made peace with losing my grandmother a long time ago, but what I'm grieving most right now is the loss of family, or at least a supportive IRL circle. Other than my mother, no one in my life out here knew my Nana. I need to be around cousins and aunts and uncles to share stories and photos, to laugh through our grief. I haven't been home in 12 years.

My Nana died today.

But really, she died a long time ago. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease, that cruel thief that steals memories, relationships and, eventually, an entire life. I last saw my Nana in 1997, just before I moved to California. I’m not sure when she last saw me, because by that time, she didn’t know who I was. My husband, whose sharp-as-a-tack grandmother died unexpectedly a few years ago, has given me hugs and much sympathy today, but my grief is set at mere sadness, because I had already lost my grandmother.
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[Disclosure: This is a MotherTalk book review; in return for posting my honest thoughts, I received a free copy of the book.]
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Mom Central review:

[Note: This post is part of my participation in Mom Central, "a one-stop web resource dedicated to providing busy moms with smart household and parenting solutions." In exchange for my honest thoughts on, I will receive a $20 gift card.]
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